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ARI provides support to its clients so that they can do their exchange transactions in full compliance with exchange regulations. 

The services include legal assistance in the following matters: 

  • Colombian foreign exchange regulations; 

  • structuring of international transactions; 

  • registration of transactions that must be channeled through the exchange system; 

  • procedures and proceedings before the exchange authorities; and 

  • registration and management of compensation accounts.



ARI provides advice and support to our clients in structuring and implementing their business and deals, by drafting agreements, contracts, corporate vehicles and other commercial activities.

The firm supports clients in the incorporation of companies, whether with a sole shareholder or those that require complex investment, capitalization and shareholders agreements. In this context we include tax planning services.


En este contexto, incluimos servicios de planeación fiscal de forma que las contribuciones fiscales sean las ajustadas al negocio que se pretende realizar en la forma más eficiente legalmente posible.



Within the business law area, first and foremost the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements, whether international or local. We highlight our experience in cross-border financing agreements covering high value assets, as well as State contracting such as critical infrastructure project financing.


labour law

ARI develops ancillary and supporting activities for the clients including employment engagement, its contractual management and termination.

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